Play Live Baccarat with Unibet Online Casino

It’s a classic card and casino game and a favourite of many, including the admittedly fictional but legendary James Bond. Baccarat has been played online at casinos for years but this is one game that benefits greatly from the live dealer option.

Live Action

It is still possible to play baccarat via traditional casino software with automated graphics and robotic sound. There is the potential to win big cash prizes in this way but many would argue that it isn’t much fun.

With live casino baccarat, all of that is set to change with live dealers who can interact with you in real time as they give you a great gaming experience. Nothing about this set up is automated and with live baccarat at Unibet, you get an experience that makes it seem as if you are in the room with the live dealers.

Getting Started

In order to play baccarat online, the first job is to familiarise yourself with the rules. There are a number of these to follow but essentially this a very straightforward game where you need to land a better hand than the dealer in order to scoop the pot.

Two cards are dealt and those cards from 2 through to 9 will score their face value. An Ace is worth one point while tens and picture cards have no value at all and will score zero. Therefore, the object of the game is to score the highest possible hand with nine being the maximum score in this game. These basic rules are applicable whether you are playing with automated software or live casino baccarat and while there are more of these rules to study, this is a very simple game.

That simplicity, coupled with the fast nature of play are among the reasons why live dealer baccarat is among the most popular card games at Unibet live casino. Beginners and advanced players alike can get involved here and we’ve made it very easy to get started.

Getting Underway

When you register for a new account at Unibet, you can quickly see all of the available live games. Click through to access your preference and a friendly and professional live dealer will be waiting for you. It’s always very active at the baccarat table so expect a lively atmosphere here as the game flows.

And, to thank you for signing up here, players can all claim a welcome bonus that could give them up to a mighty £200.00 as extra cash to play with anywhere on the casino. This is a 200% match on your first deposit with a low entry point and, at the top end of the scale, players can credit £100.00 and claim the maximum bonus allowable of £200.00.

That’s £300.00 to start you off at live casino baccarat so, if you haven’t played this classic card game online before, this is a great time to register an account at Unibet and get the best possible live baccarat experience.