Play live roulette with Unibet online casino

If you had played online roulette in the early days of the internet, you may be used to very static graphics, robotic sound and some quite slow play. That style of play is still available but fortunately, technology has evolved and allowed us to bring you the best live roulette experience.

The roulette wheel is at the heart of any casino, online or otherwise, so it makes sense to make the game as exciting as possible. That means that when you play live roulette online, the overall experience should make you feel like you are there and in the room with the dealers themselves.

Live play

There are no un-imaginative graphics here and no automation required to spin the wheel. What you get at Unibet casino is live dealer roulette with professional dealers who spin that wheel and settle your bets in real time.

You can interact with these dealers and also with any other players that happen to have logged in but remember that the game has to flow so it all remains very professional. The whole aim is to bring players that same kind of experience that they would find in a land based casino and that’s exactly what you will find with live roulette at Unibet.



Our live dealer roulette rooms bring you all the classic variants of the game. If you have played roulette before but are still fairly unfamiliar, chances are that you will have experienced the European version.

European roulette carries the classic lay out of 36 black and red numbers from 1 to 36 and there is the extra green pocket for the zero. You can play European live dealer roulette here and it remains the most popular option for all of our customers.

American roulette is a common variant with a very small rule twist that sees an extra green pocket added and marked as 00. This has the effect of increasing the house edge to a very small degree but the rest of the game remains the same.


Whatever your preference may be, when it comes to playing live roulette online we have you covered. All of the main versions of this classic casino game are here and the live dealer room gives you a great experience.

There are some seriously good cash pots to be won and to start it all off, Unibet offer all new casino customers a welcome bonus worth up to £200.00 when they first register an account. This is a 200% match on first deposit so, if you sign up and credit at least £100.00 into that new account, you can have a total of £300.00 with which you can explore our live roulette section and play for real money prizes.

Live dealer roulette has taken the online version of this classic game a long way from those early days of the internet. It’s just like being in a live, land based casino so, if you haven’t tried it before, it’s a great time to come on board.